Most Popular Survival Knives

This is the most common question asked about survival knives and also the hardest to answer – though you will find hundreds of varied responses. Naturally, the most accurate answer depends heavily on what you expect a survival knife to be able to do and what you intend to do with it.

The common definition is a jack-of-all-trades knife that performs well at a wide number of tasks and is s one-stop knife. Search through knife forums and you’ll quickly see that the same few knives appear on the list of answers over and over.

The following knives all meet the requirements for a survival knife outlined in our guide – Choosing a Survival Knife.

OKC RAT-5 Survival Knife

KA-BAR USMC Survival Knife

KA-BAR Becker BK2 Campanion

Fallkniven F1 Pilot Survival Knife

Schrade (SCHF40D) Survival Knife

Schrade (SCHF9) Extreme Survival Knife

OKC Black Bird SK-5 Survival Knife

Cold Steel SRK SK-5

Buck Special 119 Fixed Blade Knife