Bug Out Gear

A bug-out-bag is a portable kit, usually a bag, which contains all the items you’d need to get from A to B. Usually bug-out-bags are designed to last for 72-hours and will get you from work to home, or to some other safe refuge.

In the list below, I’ve focused on equipment and tools, leaving out obvious items such as food, water and clothing.

Main Fixed Blade Knife

Backup Knife


Ontario Knife Company RAT-7 1095 Fixed Blade Knife

Mora Companion 860MG Stainless Steel Bushcraft Knife

Leatherman Wave Multi-Tool (LT650/N)

Ferrocerium Rod



Light My Fire Army Fire Steel

Lansky PS-MED01 Blade Medic

110 Feet Paracord Rope (550 Lb)

Cooking Stove

Mess Tins


Strider Solid Fuel Stove

Trail Aluminium Mess Set (Pack of 2)

NATO Spec Knife, Fork, Spoon Set

Water Canteen



Mil-tec Water Bottle With Cup and Cover

LE Adjustable Focus Super Bright LED Torch

3m x 3m - Waterproof, Lightweight Green Tarpaulin